Our project started with the first encounter at 11:09, when we were paired up by the residents of The Undiscovered Lands. Our visions aligned and melted into a starting point for our journey. 
From discussions,  questions to  the meaning of borders from our personal approach came across  to: 
duality of limit-unlimited, 
               . borderless thinking: where does it start, openness, awareness
personal borders: (sub)-consciousnesses
                                                                            time and space: site/time specific or beyond?
                     .  materiality/immateriality
                                                                     process:                    start→end(? )          
Throughout the whole month, Beljita and Charlotte stayed at the Pavilion surrounded by the Bijloke garden of the Undiscovered Lands. We refused to create a work with an idea in mind to thrive. Instead, we decided to name the process of the experience and collecting through documentation (with any kind of medium) as our practice. We give trust to our intuïtion in our collaboration. The process will guide our journey and give curiosity the space to undiscover.  Although a deadline date was given, it did not limit our belief that there should be a work to present. We were playing with expectations. It may be that no result is presented.
An online collective digital space was made to save our documentations. Since we were questioning the borders of time and space, we became aware that our documentations refer to different timespaces.  The experience and perception of time: a present experience and a past experience that becomes memory. We named each collected documentation by time (00:00) and not by day/month/year. So it seems that all documentation comes from the same unknown day. We played and manipulated our idea of time  
As we collected many observations during the day we decided to spend the night at the landscape. We wanted to experience the sunset and sunrise - slept under the unknown sky and were awakened by the whispers of the ants.   
We kept on meeting, observing, and experiencing at the site - spent our days and nights reading, walking and talking, experimenting with paper, improvising together, writing notes, making photo’s and field recordings. This proved to be an inspiring and deeply moving process.
From a deep focus on being present in the moment, listening to the world around us and each other, our experiences translated into an analogue map and digital archive - an attempt to evoke the implicit notion of discovering The Undiscovered Lands. As time moved between scenes, registers, points or references.