To undiscovered lands.

This research-based project started when Charlotte and Beljita were paired up as residents to unfold the undiscovered lands. 

With the idea of borders in mind, they have questioned and challenged this abstract notion. By not limiting themselves by a deadline date or a specific work in mind to thrive. They have taken the process of (un-)discovering as a limitless practice. They focused on the experience of time and space on the site itself.

Their one month research resulted in a digital archival map to store their shared observations of the Undiscovered Lands. This map looks like a connect-the-dots puzzle as a playful attempt to visualize the hidden landscape. Each dot is a fragment of time that they captured based on their observations of the landscape. This map started as a blank space and as they collected their saved experiences/observations, the map grew with each timestamp. Since all observations are saved as a 24 hour timestamp, it looks like it could have been captured from one day.  This way they challenge the perception of time. The map and research is an ongoing process without a date to end. This digital map will shift and grow continuously to slowly unfold the undiscovered lands. Explore the landscape by opening a timestamp. 

Since the project is about the experience on site, they want to give the visitor a more or less same experience. Charlotte and Beljita have put together an analogue map for you to melt the borders of their experiences and yours. This is put inside a time capsule: a box placed on site, filled with maps waiting to be opened and taken to guide you. This map is an invitation to experience the given time, to connect the time dots - not necessarily by following the chronology, but to create and follow your own route. 

Where do you go to Undiscover the Lands?

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